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Adding AOI visibility data

GazePlotter supports the upload of AOI visibility data, allowing for the effective visualization of dynamic AOIs and their visibility in the stimulus. This enhances interpretability of the data and allows for more detailed analysis.

Getting AOI visibility data


This feature is available only for SMI BeGaze software export.

From SMI BeGaze

In the SMI BeGaze software, open AOI Editor. Export the AOI visibility data as .xml file by clicking Save button. In this file, you can find the information about the visibility of each AOI in a given stimulus.

The exported file can be then simply added to the workplace to already uploaded SMI BeGaze data, see below.

Adding AOI visibility data to the workplace

To add AOI visibility data to the workplace:

  1. Click Settings button in the top right corner of the scarf plot with desired stimulus set.
  2. In the Scarf Chart Settings window, click AOIs visibility button.
  3. In new window, select the .xml file with AOI visibility data.
  4. Select whether to add the AOI visibility data to all participants or only to the selected one.
  5. Click Start parsing button. The AOI visibility data will be added to the workplace.


Each AOI visibility data is represented by a colored line. This is expanded and thus highlighted when the mouse is moved over the corresponding AOI category in the legend.