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Welcome to GazePlotter Guide & Docs

GazePlotter is a free tool dedicated to transforming eye-tracking data into dynamic and interactive scarf plots. Designed with a commitment to open science, GazePlotter offers a user-friendly platform for analyzing and visualizing eye gaze data without the hassle of registration, ads, or server storage.

This tool is perfect for researchers, students, and professionals seeking a straightforward and efficient way to work with eye-tracking data from various devices.

Key features

  1. Interactive Scarf Plots: Transform eye-tracking data into dynamic scarf plots that illustrate the sequence and duration of fixations, offering a clear, customizable visualization of gaze patterns.

  2. Multi-Device Compatibility: Seamlessly compatible with major eye trackers like Tobii and SMI, GazePlotter facilitates easy data integration for diverse research needs.

  3. Offline Data Privacy: Operates entirely offline, ensuring your data privacy and security while allowing use on various devices without internet dependency.

Source code

Source code of GazePlotter is open-source, licensed under GNU GPL v3. You can modify it for your own needs.

If you see a bug in app or want a feature to be implemented, raise an issue on a GitHub repository!

npm package

GazePlotter is built on Svelte. You can use it as a Svelte component by installing a npm package into your project:

npm install gazeplotter