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Varjo XR export and upload

GazePlotter supports the upload of data from the Varjo XR eye-tracking software.


Before conducting the experiment, you must set up the logging in Varjo XR software.

In this software, select Tools > Analytics > Eye tracking > Log eye tracking data while screen recording. Then click Screen recording to start the recording.

Data are then automatically saved in C: > Users > username > Videos > Varjo folder on your Windows computer. The data file is in CSV format and contains a timeline of the recording with x-y coordinates for gaze positions.


Multiple files are created during the recording. To GazePlotter, only the gaze.csv file is important - select it after clicking Upload data button (see GazePlotter GUI overview).


If you want to upload data from multiple participants, you can upload multiple files at once. Just select all the files you want to upload.