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GazePlotter basic overview

GazePlotter, available at, is designed in order to be as easy and intuitive as possible and to provide a quick overview of the data via interactive scarf plots (or sequence charts).

Starting the app

On visiting the website, you will see a demo data visualization. At the top of the GazePlotter workspace, you can hit the following controls:

  1. Upload your own data files to the GazePlotter workplace. The workplace will automatically detect the file type and start a visualization of the data. See Uploading data for more information.
  2. Reload the demo data. This will remove all the data from the workplace and load the demo data again.
  3. Download the workspace as a .json file. This file can be later uploaded to the GazePlotter to restore the data with the modifications you made to it.
  4. Export to the ScanGraph format for further AOI analysis. See Exporting data for ScanGraph for more information.

GazePlotter GUI overview with preloaded demo eye-tracking data scarf plot

Below, you can see the main workplace overview with the visualization of the data. Upon start, the GazePlotter will show a scarf plot of a demo data set. This demo data includes two stimuli with 6 areas of interest (AOIs) and 9 participants. Participants are grouped into three groups. Second stimulus includes dynamic AOI visibility data.