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Getting started with GazePlotter

GazePlotter is a web application for visualizing gaze data from eye-tracking software. It uses interactive scarf plots (or sequence charts) which are built automatically from the data without any manual configuration and data transformation.

The workplace is designed to be easy to use and to provide a quick overview of the data and is available at

On loading the workplace, you will see a demo data visualization. The demo data is a sample of the data from the Tobii Pro Lab software. The demo data contains information about fixations (and AOI hits) and saccades. Only other eye-movement category is EyesNotFound.

Upload data button

You can upload your own data files to the GazePlotter workplace. The workplace will automatically detect the file type and start a visualization of the data.

Supported file types

The workplace supports the following file types:

Workplace data import

You can also select .json data from the GazePlotter workplace for data upload. This is useful if you want to share your data with someone else.

Reload demo data button

To revert the workplace to its initial state, hit Reload demo data button. This will remove all the data from the workplace and load the demo data again.