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App dev & build

GazePlotter uses Vite.js to build the app from Svelte components and TypeScript modules. The development set-up requires that you have Node (16 or higher) installed.

The project uses VitePress for documentation, more in the Docs dev & build section.

Download the source code

The code can be downloaded as a zip file, but it is highly recommended to either fork the repository or clone it.

Fork the repository

To fork the repository, click the Fork button in the top-right corner of the GitHub repository.

Clone the repository

To clone the repository, open the terminal and run the following command:

git clone

Quick start

In the terminal, make sure you are in the project's root directory. Then, to start Vite server and run dev version of project locally on http://localhost:5174/, use:

npm install
npm run dev

Build the app

To build the app, use:

npm run build

Production build is located in the dist directory. For its preview on http://localhost:4173/, use:

npm run preview

Before commit

Make sure you comply with the standards of projects (implementing MVC interfaces to Front components) and there are no errors and warnings produced by ESLint:

npx eslint src/ts

You can automatically beautify code by using --fix flag:

npx eslint src/ts --fix

Make sure there are no errors and warnings produced by TypeScript and try to comply with the coding standards of projects.